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Being a caregiver can be the best thing you ever do—and it can also be the hardest. You can suddenly find yourself thrust into things you feel unprepared for like…

  • Dealing with life-changing news alone…
  • Watching helplessly the frustration of an ill or injured loved one struggling to get well…
  • Giving up social contacts and activities to give care…
  • Being the safety net when caregivers aren’t available at night or on holidays…
  • Asking hard questions with too little time to search for answers…
  • Facing financial, emotional and physical challenges of both your care recipient and yourself… and
  • Feeling very alone and isolated.

Caregivers face challenges like these every day, often feeling stressed, alone and isolated making life more difficult.

The Membership Unlike Any Other

Your GOLD Membership is your opportunity to transform your caregiving experience from burden to blessing.

Caregivers Heart Gold Membership Card

Included are Weekly Gold Members Heart Seat Coaching Calls where you can get answers and support in a private group setting.

Gold Members have access to the replays. Listen 24/7 at your convenience.

Heart Seat

This is definitely not a hot seat. Instead of being “put on the spot”, those in the “Heart Seat” are honored and cherished as Dr. Ina and the Gold Member community support you, showing you ways of more than surviving – thriving in caregiving.

You’ll get ideas and tips you can use right now. And you’ll discover you are not alone!

Plus as a GOLD Member, you can get your own “Heart Seat” when you remain a member after the initial Trial Membership.


Begin your 7 Day Trial* now and…

  • Join the weekly call.
  • Get involved in the group… feel loneliness, isolation and stress decrease as you feel the support of myself and the community to nurture your Caregiver’s Heart—

THEN after 7 days continue to enjoy all the benefits for only $19.97 per month.


From my heart to yours…

Laugh Well, Love Well and Live Well,

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Ina Gilmore, M.D. (Retired)

“The Knitting Dr.”



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