Feeling Exhausted, Overworked or Overwhelmed by Caregiving?

These are symptoms of stress. 

Left untreated, stress can lead to serious health issues, causing problems for both you as the caregiver AND for your care recipient.

That’s why we created “Understanding and Transforming Stress Workshop” a FREE teleseminar on June 12, 2014. And now you can listen to the replay below…

In this teleseminar we’ll explain what “stress” REALLY is and how to “transform” its negative energy instead of “managing it”.  And why this is critical to your health, happiness and success as a caregiver!  So you can create a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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 CWP Caregiver Training Program Module 1:The Essentials


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Constantly Facing New Situations and Challenges You Both Didn’t Expect and Feel Unprepared For Can Leave You Feeling Overwhelmed and Lost…

You may find yourself worrying long into the night, affecting your sleep. Only to each day drag yourself out of bed to restart the cycle again… and again.

When you’re not functioning at 100 percent, what’s the impact on the health and well being of those you care for?

As a caregiver you may also feel like you’re working without the support and help you need. Not knowing what to do is compounded by also not knowing where to turn.

It’s easy to see how all of this adds together leading caregivers to feel confused, frustrated and forgotten.

That’s why we’ve added the Caregiver Training Program to our resources at Caregiving With Purpose.

Today we have a special offer on Module 1: The Essentials. In this 6-week program you’ll learn the fundamentals of caregiving AND caring for yourself. You’ll receive simple and effective tools to help you understand and apply what you learn.

  • Each week there are two 60-minute calls with Dr. Ina and Dave; that week’s training class and a support call for individual and group coaching.
  • You’ll also receive a lesson plan each week with “no fail” action steps.
  • All calls are recorded in case you miss one or want to listen again.
  • In addition you’ll have access to the resources of the CWP Membership area for additional help and support.

Classes begin on Thursday June 26th at 8PM EDT and class size is limited to 20 people.

This introductory offer is only $397 so we encourage you to enroll today.

If you do we’ll also include a 6-month membership in the CWP Gold Membership that connects you to the CWP community of caregivers after the 6-week program. Your CWP Gold Membership includes a 60-minute weekly group call with Dr. Ina.

The weekly calls are also recorded, and available for you to listen if you miss a call or want to listen again.

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While no one can predict exactly what’s going to happen, there are stages of caregiving that correspond to the stages of diseases and conditions.

When you understand what’s happening and why, it can move you from feeling like the victim of circumstances to someone who’s making a positive difference for everyone.

Caregivers often feel isolated and forgotten. Knowing where you can find help also can facilitate you finding peace of mind. Joining the CWP community connects you with instructors and other caregivers who are going through and have solved caregiving challenges.

And it’s amazing how often finding the support you need lets you get that elusive good night’s sleep. So you’ll awaken refreshed and energetic, greeting the day with enthusiasm.

Our mission at Caregiving With Purpose is to help you find meaning and yes—purpose—in your caregiving and life. This makes each day easier and happier for you and for those to whom you give care. On a deeper level it transforms the experience and lives of everyone.

Your first step in this process is to join the “CWP Caregiver Training Program Module 1: The Essentials” at the special introductory price of $397. You get 12 one hour calls, 6 lesson plans and all the resources and support of the CWP membership area and community.

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See you in Module 1!

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