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From the Desk of Ina Gilmore, M.D.

Dear Frazzled Caregiver,

The hardest thing I’ve ever done is become the primary caregiver for my terminally ill mother.

Mother lived with me, so the bulk of her 24/7 care fell to me. My sister helped while caring for her own family. I was blessed because she was there when I needed her.

Caring for my mother was an honor. And one of the best things I’ve ever done. It also was the most difficult…

Do you know that some caregivers have up to twice the risk of heart related diseases of the general population?

In thinking about it, though it makes sense. As a caregiver you have a generous heart. It’s no wonder that some of the things you deal with cause heartache—and maybe even heart damage.

Caregivers often put off their own needs—including medical care—to care for a loved one. And while focusing on giving care, it’s easy to miss the warning signs of their own health issues.

A HEART PLAN is a simple plan you can use part or completely. Maybe you need to focus on one step for a while before moving on. Or maybe you can go through the steps quickly.

You can customize A HEART PLAN to suit your own needs and situation.

It’s flexible.

Inside “A HEART PLAN Audio Package—Overcoming Caregiving Heartache”, you’ll discover…

  • The keys to maintaining positive energy through caregiving (and how to train everyone in the family to keep the positive energy flowing, too!)…
  • How to use laughter to boost your immune system (staying well longer!)…
  • The secret to moving out of false guilt (this negative emotion can insidiously spread through a caregiver’s mind – promoting stress and disease!)…
  • How to train your mind to be grateful and full of light – even in the middle of doctor’s visits and frantic schedules…
  • The secret to decreasing negative stress through “blunting”…
  • Strategies you can use to maximize caregiving opportunities at every level – nurturing your body, soul and spirit…
  • How simple muscle relaxation can help you let go of your body’s build-up of negative chemicals (no tools needed, and so easy even a child can do it!).

And MUCH More!

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Here’s What You Get In “A HEART PLAN Audio
Package—Overcoming Caregiving Heartache”…


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First you’ll get two MP3 audios of Chief Robert TallTree and Terri Lynn TallTree interviewing me about caregiving and A HEART PLAN. In these audios you’ll hear you’re not alone. You’ll get the keys to caregiving with joy and health. You can listen to them as often as you need. And there’s a special gift from The TallTrees at the end of the second audio.

You’ll also get a Quick Start pdf page you can print. It explains what each letter stands for, and is a reference you’ll want to keep handy.

Plus, your own E-Guidebook takes you step by step through a full 30 days of A HEART PLAN. One easy step at a time. It even includes a log to record your action steps.

And that’s not all…


Bonus #1

You’ll get an E-course showing you step-by-step how to use A HEART PLAN in your caregiving. And how it can make a difference in your life. A daily email will explain each step.

Because I know caregivers are often pressed for time, these short emails will give you an inspiration and a brief action step. In 5 minutes or less you can find out about your next action step, and how to take it.

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Bonus #2

Elder Care - 101 Questions Family Caregivers Need To Ask

You’ll get a copy of my E-book: “Elder Care—101 Questions Family Caregivers Need To Ask.” Rather than giving you the answers, these questions are designed to help you discover—and ask—the questions you need to ask about elder care. This is a $17 value.

The bonuses alone are worth at least $64!

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If after 30 days of following the program to the letter you are not feeling less symptoms of stress, frustration and overwhelm, you can turn in your program log showing your results for the past 30 days to support “at” CaregivingWithPurpose.com for a refund.


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The Knitting Dr logoTo your healthy and happy caregiving,

Dr. Ina



Ina Gilmore, M.D. (Retired)
“The Knitting Dr.”

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