“I Wish I Had Had This Information While
for My Precious Grandmother.”

  Lisa Rae Preston    “This material will lighten the load of many

      “Thanks, Dr. Ina for sharing it with the

   Lisa Rae Preston  



Our Home ‘A Safe Place to Fall'”

Heather Downs   “Thank you so much for allowing me to
be involved in your  program.  It has had
a very positive effect on my and Chris’s

   “I was able to allow Chris to deal with his
own health care issues, which in turn allowed me
to give up what I thought was control.”

   “Unfortunately, what it really was, was a whole lot of
stress I was putting on myself.” 

   “The result of your program allowing me to do that,
the communication in our relationship has improved
thus improving our relationship itself.” 

   “I think also it has improved the trust we have for
each other.  It has made our home ‘A Safe Place to
Fall’ (quoting Dr. Phil), and enabled us to continue to
grow closer every day.”

   “Again, Thank You.”

Heather Downs



“I Choose Life and Want My Wife
and Caregiver to Do the Same

Chris Downs   “I just want to agree with Heather on the
   impact it has and continues to be in our

   “The questions that you provided us
allowed us to focus on all aspects of
what we have been working on.  By having Heather
focused on All aspects of her life, she now once
again works with me in my health care needs, rather
than being stressed out and trying to take over my
doctors visits.” 

   “I know that for Doctors, my health care is a job
that they are very passionate about in serving their

   “The doctors and I are a team to work together to
allow me to heal and give me options based on the
best testing that is available and the best known
(and Experimental) options for a cure.” 

   “For me, it is a matter of Life and Death.  I choose
life, and want my wife and caretaker to be do the

   “Thank you for once again helping us to focus on
our relationship, and what our Passions are and the
Purpose for which we are here for.” 

   “Once again our marriage is becoming a joy as we
nurture each other and allow mutual respect and
answers while addressing concerns in a informed

   “Not only have you provided a Life saving formula
for keeping Heather Healthy,  you have shown both
of us how we can chose the lifestyle that we want
and can live successfully while growing as a family
through these challenges.”

   “Thank you.”

Chris Downs