Caring for a loved one needing more and more support can be the hardest, most stressful, loneliest unpaid “job” you’ll ever do for love…


Too often stress, burnout and exhaustion become your constant companion. And you may wonder, “Can it ever get easier?”


Give Me 10 Minutes a Day and I’ll Show You How To

More Than Survive—to THRIVE As a Caregiver


I know the idea of thriving seems impossible. Maybe you even snorted or laughed out loud at how ridiculous it seems.

After all, you’re tired, stressed and worried all—or nearly all—the time. You have so many responsibilities for your own life and family PLUS the added needs of helping your beloved family member.

You are NOT alone!


I remember feeling so alone…

Just before dawn two days after my father’s funeral, Mother awoke unable to catch her breath. I quickly realized she probably was having a heart attack.

Dawn On Lake


In the local Emergency Room, the doctor confirmed she was having a major heart attack. She was given life-saving treatments and transferred to the regional medical center for more care.

There an emergency cardiac catheterization revealed extensive blockages in the arteries of her heart. And her heart was failing—she needed a mechanical pump placed temporarily to do some of the work of her heart, allowing it to heal.

Afterwards I was the only person in the waiting room when her cardiologist explained what happened and his plans.

His prognosis was grim…

In his opinion, Mother—an active 79-year old woman who looked at least 15 years younger—would have a long protracted recovery in a rehabilitation hospital and a nursing home.

At best.

In the dark empty waiting room, with Dad gone… my sisters on their way back from their homes… and the real possibility of Mother not surviving the surgery, I felt very alone.

And in a heartbeat, I became her primary caregiver.

It was a decision that was easy, made from my heart. It was also one that would change my life as I learned just how much caregiver stress can affect both family and professional caregivers…


From the Desk of Dr. Ina Gilmore

Ina Gilmore "The Knitting Dr"







I’m Dr. Ina Gilmore, and I continued as Mother’s primary caregiver for over 13 years. Despite the cardiologist’s initial prognosis, she never needed rehab or a nursing home.

The stresses, joys and pains of caregiving are well known to me. As both a professional and a family caregiver, I’ve lived them. And through them I found my calling—to help caregivers more than survive to thrive!

Being a caregiver can be the best thing you ever do—and it can also be the hardest. You can suddenly find yourself thrust into things you feel unprepared for like…

  • Dealing with life-changing news alone…
  • Watching helplessly the frustration of an ill or injured loved one struggling to get well…
  • Giving up social contacts and activities to give care…
  • Being the safety net when caregivers aren’t available at night or on holidays…
  • Asking hard questions with too little time to search for answers…
  • Facing financial, emotional and physical challenges of both your care recipient and yourself… and
  • Feeling very alone and isolated.

Caregivers face challenges like these every day, often feeling stressed, alone and isolated making life more difficult.

The Caregiver’s Heart

Have you ever wondered why some people take up the burden of caregiving and others don’t?

There are probably as many reasons as there are people. Yet they all can be explained by the caregiver’s heart. It takes a special heart to to give your time… your finances… yourself to another. And continuing despite the added stresses and strains.

You may be a caregiver and not realize it.

Many people think caregivers only give care physically to someone who is ill, injured, disabled, or just not able to care for himself or herself.

There are other ways you can give care, including…

  • Running errands…
  • Providing transportation…
  • Paying bills…
  • Mowing the lawn or doing other chores…
  • Giving encouragement and helping wherever and whenever you can.

And now there’s a membership designed especially for you—to nurture and support you!

The Membership Unlike Any Other

Your GOLD Membership is your opportunity to work personally with me to transform your caregiving experience.

Caregivers Heart Gold Membership Card

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From my heart to yours…

Laugh Well, Love Well and Live Well,

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