The U.S. Affordable Health Care Law, or Affordable Care Act affects health care coverage throughout the U.S.

Age dementia symptoms are the symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Also see: Alzheimer's symptoms

Aging associated diseases are diseases seen with increased frequency in the elderly.

Care of or for someone with Alzheimer's Disease or symptoms.

Also known as: Alzheimers Companion Card

A card, often business card size, explaining your companion has Alzheimer's disease.  It is a discrete way of quietly informing waitresses, lab technicians, and others of the disease.

Also known as: Alzheimers disease, Alzheimer s disease, Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive irreversible disease of the brain. Symptoms progress from forgetfulness to severe memory loss, and eventually there is increased severity of the symptoms with personality changes.

November is Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month in the U.S.

Also known as: Alzheimers symptoms

Alzheimer's symptoms are the physical or mental features associated with Alzheimer's disease.

A test for Alzheimer's Disease.  Usually an examination by a physician, although PET scans are undergoing development as possible future tests.

Medications usually prescribed by a physician or other health care professional to treat high blood pressure (hypertension).

Caregiver stress includes the emotional, physical, financial and spiritual strains of caregiving.

Becoming a caregiver to an elderly parent can have a sudden or more gradual onset, and can change the caregiver and family's life...

Also see: Caregiver to elderly parents

Caregiving support is the comfort, assistance and encouragement given to caregivers. It can have many forms including emotional, social and financial support.

Carereceiver designates the care partner who usually receives care. Click to read the full explanation.

Also see: Caregiver to elderly parents

Daily Inspirational Thoughts are positive messages. They are designed to encourage you and stimulate your mind to thinking about them.  These words of encouragement help you shift your daily thoughts from negative to positive, or keep them positive.

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The time adjustment legislated by governments. It typically starts in the spring and ends in the fall.

There can be confusion about the terms doctors use, especially when they are used differently by the public.  One example is dementia and Alzheimer's.

Many people think that having dementia is different than Alzheimer's.  Actually, Alzheimer's is one cause of dementia.

Basically, dementia is a group of symptoms that describe the loss of mental activity including thinking and memory.

Alzheimer's is a specific disease that causes dementia.

Some doctors now use the term “neurocognitive disorder” instead of dementia. This is a more specific term to doctors.  Neuro means brain or nervous system, and cognitive refers to the thinking, reasoning, memory, perception and judgment parts of mental processes.

It can help to be able to explain to someone quietly that the person you are with has some form of dementia or Alzheimer's.  For cards that can quietly help you explain, click here now.

Alzheimers Companion Card for Woman

Companion Card For a Man Discreetly Explaining Alzheimer's Disease.

Early warning signs of a stroke are the symptoms that may but not always come before a stroke.  Strokes can also occur without warning.

Early warning signs of a stroke can include:

  • Sudden numbness, weakness or paralysis of the face, arm or leg. In a stroke it often only occurs on only one side.

  • Sudden confusion, difficulty speaking or inability to understand words.

  • Sudden loss of vision or trouble seeing in one or both eyes.

  • Sudden dizziness or not being able to balance (can’t stand or sit upright).

  • Sudden onset of muscles not working including difficulty walking or muscles just not working the way they’re supposed to (don’t work in coordination).

  • Severe headache without apparent cause.

Any one of these signs should be treated as a medical emergency and 9-1-1 or your emergency response number called immediately.

From the “Warning Signs of a Heart Attack, Stroke and Cardiac Arrest.” The American Heart Association last accessed April 22, 2011.


Easy healthy recipes help caregivers take care of themselves.

Elder care or eldercare is a term covering the unique needs of senior citizens, who are typically over the age of 65. Elder care and senior care are similar.

November is Family Caregiver Month.

A family tree template is a form for filling out a family tree. 

Recipe for making a hearty soup from ground beef or poultry.

Also see: Affordable Health Care Act

Caregivers often neglect their own health, including eating healthy. Healthy eating nourishes the caregiver’s body while the caregiver cares for others.

Meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner that promote good health and wellness.

How does stress affect health is an explanation of the role stress plays in health and especially in deteriorating health.

Instructions on how to knit socks.

Videos showing tips and techniques for knitting.

Click on this link for how to knit videos from The Knitting Dr and The Knitting Yarn.

Videos showing tips and techniques for knitting.

Click on this link for how to knit videos from The Knitting Dr and The Knitting Yarn.

Incontinence products include disposable undergarments, special reusable washable underwear and pads, disposable and reusable bed pads, creams and other products to prevent chafing, wipes and more.

Uplifting quotations to help you on your caregiving journey.  For Daily Inspirational Thoughts become a Free Member of Caregiving With Purpose.

Joann Fabrics and Crafts Stores are a chain of "big box" style fabric and crafts stores in the U.S.

Patterns to knit dishcloths from yarn, usually cotton.  Usually the patterns include garter stitch or a similar rough or bumpy stitch for scrubbing.

An example of a knitted dishcloth pattern for a dishcloth and a dish towel can be found at www.TheKnittingYarn.com/KitchenOffer

Information for caregivers on how to knit or how to knit projects.

Knitting patterns are the collections of knitting instructions used when knitting.

What knitting podcasts are and where to find them.

Hand knitting lace.

Gifts decided upon or found a few days or sometimes hours before Christmas Day.  Digital downloads are one option, such as "A HEART PLAN Audio Package."

In the U.S. November is designated as National Family Caregiver Month.

Nursing home or live in for Alzheimers asks the question, "Where is the best place to care for an Alzheimer's patient?" At home or in a nursing home? Somewhere else?

Nursing home or live in for Alzheimers asks the question, "Where is the best place to care for an Alzheimer's patient?" At home or in a nursing home? Somewhere else?
Also see: Nursing Home Or Live In For Alzheimer s Patient

May 2012 and its theme is "Never Too Old To Play!" 

What is palliative care?

Progressive disease of the nervous system marked by slow movement, tremor, and muscular rigidity.  It's associated with degeneration of the basal ganglia of the brain and a deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Retirement wishes can be the desires of someone for retirement.  Or it can be the messages given to someone at retirement.

Senior care is is a term covering the unique needs of senior citizens, who are typically over the age of 65. Elder care and senior care are similar.

Senior home care can be a way for seniors to get care at home, rather than moving to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.  Options include caregivers who come into the home, including nurses, dieticians, health aides and more.

Ask advice from trusted friends, family, your doctor, minister, and more.  There are also services available online that can help you choose a senior community.  Many of these services get a fee for referrals.  So do your own research, or get someone to help you find the best service for you.


Signs of stress are objective findings that your body is under stress. 

Recipes for making homemade soup.

Ideas for activities you can do in the springtime.

The Squatty Potty is a stool that allows the user to squat while using a standard Western toilet.  Without actually having to squat down and get back up!

Why squat?

Because squatting is the natural position for stool elimination.  It relaxes the large muscle called the puborectalis.  And it's the muscle that is often responsible for the need to strain when passing stools.

Proper toilet positioning means -

  • easier, faster elimination reducing constipation...

  • less bloating and straining reducing risks of hemorrhoids...

  • more complete elimination leading to reduced risk of colon disease...

  • improved colon health...

  • more complete bladder elimination decreasing risk of urinary infections...

  • less straining can lead to fewer pelvic floor issues and...

  • a better bathroom experience!


The squatty potty comes in different sizes - 5, 7 and 9-inch.

  • 5-inch for less flexibility or after some surgery like knee. This is the size the company says "Granny" recommends.

  • 7-inch is for those new to squatting

  • 9-inch is for advanced users, limber or using a tall seat 

The video below shoes you how to select the best one for your situation - for yourself or a loved one. 
Check out the different styles - all made in the USA.

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The stages of grief are a description of the emotional responses to grief.

Crafts made for Valentine's Day

Common words to express sympathy include sad or saddened, shocked, sorry, miss, loss, thoughts, thoughts and prayers, feel, loved, comfort and miss.