Why Caregiving Becomes a Burden and What to Do About It…


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Thank you for acknowledging how much the feeling of being ‘heart-broken’ can impact a caregiver. This really hit home for me and  I was moved to tears several times during this webinar!”  Terri TallTree


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A HEART PLAN Audio Package: Beyond Surviving - Thriving - In Caregiving


It’s shocking to learn that some caregivers have up to twice the risk of heart related diseases than the general population!

In thinking about it, though it makes sense. As a caregiver you have a generous heart. It’s no wonder that some of the things you deal with cause heartache—and maybe even heart damage.

Caregivers often put off their own needs—including medical care—to care for a loved one. And while focusing on giving care, it’s easy to miss the warning signs of their own health issues.

A HEART PLAN is a simple plan you can use part or completely. Maybe you need to focus on one step for a while before moving on. Or maybe you can go through the steps quickly.

You can customize A HEART PLAN to suit your own needs and situation.

It’s flexible.

Inside “A HEART PLAN Audio Package—Overcoming Caregiving Heartache”, you’ll discover…

  • The keys to maintaining positive energy through caregiving (and how to train everyone in the family to keep the positive energy flowing, too!)…
  • How to use laughter to boost your immune system (staying well longer!)…
  • The secret to moving out of false guilt (this negative emotion can insidiously spread through a caregiver’s mind – promoting stress and disease!)…
  • How to train your mind to be grateful and full of light – even in the middle of doctor’s visits and frantic schedules…
  • The secret to decreasing negative stress through “blunting”…
  • Strategies you can use to maximize caregiving opportunities at every level – nurturing your body, soul and spirit…
  • How simple muscle relaxation can help you let go of your body’s build-up of negative chemicals (no tools needed, and so easy even a child can do it!).

And MUCH More!

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“I Wish I Had Had This Information While Caring for My Precious Grandmother.”


Lisa Rae Preston “This material will lighten the load of many caregivers.  Thanks, Dr. Ina for sharing it with the world!”

Lisa Rae Preston





Our Home ‘A Safe Place to Fall'”

Heather Downs “Thank you so much for allowing me to be involved in your program. It has had a very positive effect on my and Chris’s lives.”

“I was able to allow Chris to deal with his own health care issues, which in turn allowed me to give up what I thought was control.”

“Unfortunately, what it really was, was a whole lot of stress I was putting on myself.”

“The result of your program allowing me to do that, the communication in our relationship has improved thus improving our relationship itself.”

“I think also it has improved the trust we have for each other. It has made our home ‘A Safe Place to Fall’ (quoting Dr. Phil), and enabled us to continue to grow closer every day.”

“Again, Thank You.”

Heather Downs
Family Caregiver




“I Choose Life and Want My Wife and Caregiver to Do the Same

Chris Downs “I just want to agree with Heather on the impact it has and continues to be in our lives.”

“The questions that you provided us allowed us to focus on all aspects of what we have been working on. By having Heather  focused on All aspects of her life, she now once again works with me in my health care needs, rather than being stressed out and trying to take over my doctors visits.”

“For me, it is a matter of Life and Death. I choose life, and want my wife and caretaker to be do the same.

“Thank you for once again helping us to focus on our relationship, and what our Passions are and the Purpose for which we are here for.”

“Once again our marriage is becoming a joy as we nurture each other and allow mutual respect and answers while addressing concerns in a informed manner.

“Not only have you provided a Life saving formula for keeping Heather Healthy, you have shown both of us how we can chose the lifestyle that we want and can live successfully while growing as a family through these challenges.”

“Thank you.”

Chris Downs


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Download the package, read the Guidebook, keep a log, read the e-course emails and take every step recommended to you in the program.

If after 30 days of following the program to the letter you are not feeling less symptoms of stress, frustration and overwhelm, you can turn in your program log showing your results for the past 30 days to support “at” CaregivingWithPurpose “dot” com for a refund.


Begin right now to overcome your heartaches of caregiving.

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