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Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers is the 9-week Program with the Support, Training and Coaching You Need to Transform Your Caregiving From Burden to Blessing!

Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers

Each week you’ll get practical ideas and suggestions you can start using right away, along with the support and coaching you need to solve your caregiving challenges.

And there are two calls each week:

  • The Training Class with a written lesson in the pdf Guidebook and
  • The CWP Gold Members Call where participants can share ideas and get additional assistance.

Topics include:

  • Transforming Stress
  • Balancing Life and Caregiving
  • Mastering Change
  • Caregiver Health and Wellness
  • And more!

You get all this…the Education, the Training, and the Support for only $97.

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What Will You Learn In the Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers Program?

Intake and Orientation

This program is unique with a needs analysis as part of your orientation. In this session, we show you how to prepare for each class and get the most out of them.

Week 1: Activities Building Bridges

This lesson introduces A HEART PLANTM, shows you how to choose activities for caregiving, and shows you how activities can reduce stress while also building relationships, pleasant memories and a legacy.

Week 2: Understanding and Transforming Stress

In this lesson you’ll learn what stress really is, how YOU can choose your response to it, and how to choose the methods of relieving and transforming stress that work best for you. You’ll discover how to make this a priority in your life, and you’ll be introduced to the power of your words.

Week 3: Balancing Life and Caregiving

Balance is fundamental to caregiving and life. This lesson shows you how to determine where your life is out of balance, and simple steps to establishing balance. This lesson introduced the Law of Balance and The Wheel of Caregiving™.

Week 4: Foundations of Empowerment

In this lesson you’ll find out how you create your reality. You’ll also discover the power of words to transform beliefs, and find out your emotional foundation. And you’ll be introduced to the transforming power of purpose in caregiving and life.

Week 5: Mastering the Stages of Change

In this lesson, you’ll discover the 6 stages of change (when we change) and the processes of change (how we change). You’ll learn when the processes are most effective and you’ll discover how to use this new knowledge to master change.

Week 6: You Create YOUR Health and Wellness

In this lesson discover what health and wellness really are, and we’ll show you how to use The Wheel of Wellness™

Week 7: Transforming Grief and Celebrating Life

Grieving is a part of life and caregiving. This lesson shows you how to discover your feelings about grief, and explains the phases and tasks of grieving. We also show you how A HEART PLAN™ guides you in grieving and celebrating life. Finally, we show you how to transform grief and share additional resources.

Week 8: The Power of Purpose and Meaning

This lesson shows you why purpose and meaning are important to caregiving and life, and how to discover yours. This lesson build on the last lesson, discussing death further and how to transform it.

Week 9: Transforming Caregiving from Burden to Blessing

In this final lesson you’ll discover what the challenges of aging are, and YOUR caregiving challenges. You’ll find out how to get your support system in place, and discover the power of and how to transform care from burdens to blessings.

YOUR Next Steps

  • Reinforce What You’ve Learned
  • Continue to Build Supportive Relationships
  • Stay Connected to CWP Programs and Community

What Bonus Is Included in the Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals Program?

CWP Gold Membership

CWP Gold Membership

When you enroll now we’ll also include a 3-month membership in the CWP Gold Membership that connects you to the CWP community of caregivers after the 9-week program. Your CWP Gold Membership includes the weekly 60-minute group call with Dr. Ina.

The CWP Gold Membership weekly calls are recorded, and available for you to listen if you miss a call or want to listen again.

This is a $59 value!


Yes, I'm Ready!

In Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers you’ll get simple steps that work to overcome the isolation, stress and overwhelm of caregiving. There are tools to save you time and effort in caring for others, and you’ll find out why caring for yourself is a must. You’ll get practical ideas and suggestions you can start using right away to solve your caregiving challenges.


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Are you looking for help and solutions in your caregiving and life?

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