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Get the Added Help and Support in the Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers LIVE Program

Each week you’ll get practical ideas and suggestions you can start using right away, along with the support and coaching you need to solve your caregiving challenges.

And there are also live two classes each week:

  • The Training Class with a written lesson in the pdf Guidebook and
  • The Support Class where participants can apply what they’ve learned and share ideas and information.

Plus there are bonuses worth up to $636!

You get all this…the Education, the Training, The Support and The Coaching for only $299! The regular price is $497, so in this special limited offer with the Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals Online Program, you’ll get a savings of $101!

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What Bonuses Are Included in the Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals Program?

CWP Gold Membership

CWP Gold Membership

When you enroll now we’ll upgrade you to a 6-month membership in the CWP Gold Membership that connects you to the CWP community of caregivers after the 9-week program. Your CWP Gold Membership includes the weekly 60-minute group call with David and Dr. Ina.

The CWP Gold Membership weekly calls are recorded, and available for you to listen if you miss a call or want to listen again.

This is a $119 value!

Caregiver Strategy Session

Caregiver Strategy Session

Individual Caregiver Strategy Session with Dr. Ina and Coach Dave. Here you can confidentially discuss your caregiving, and leave with a workable plan for your next simple steps.

This is a $500 value!

Special Tranquility Music Album!


The TallTrees are so excited about this program that they have offered a special download of their album Echoes of the Heart: A Sacred Journey.

Music can speak to many audiences, and reach deep into the soul. This album of music from Chief Robert and Terri TallTree reduces anxiety, worry and stress, leading to feeling more calm, relaxed and confident right away.

Be among the first 10 to join the program and get this download!

This is a $17 value!


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In Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers you’ll get simple steps that work to overcome the isolation, stress and overwhelm of caregiving. There are tools to save you time and effort in caring for others, and you’ll find out why caring for yourself is a must. You’ll get practical ideas and suggestions you can start using right away to solve your caregiving challenges.


Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers Live Summary Image


You Get the Same 9 Week Topics as in the Online Program…The Difference is These Webinars Are Live and You Can Ask Questions and Get Additional Help in the Support Class!

Intake and Orientation

Week 1: Activities Building Bridges

Week 2: Understanding and Transforming Stress

Week 3: Balancing Life and Caregiving

Week 4: Foundations of Empowerment

Week 5: Mastering the Stages of Change

Week 6: You Create YOUR Health and Wellness

Week 7: Transforming Grief and Celebrating Life

Week 8: The Power of Purpose and Meaning

Week 9: Transforming Caregiving from Burden to Blessing

YOUR Next Steps

  • Reinforce What You’ve Learned
  • Continue to Build Supportive Relationships
  • Stay Connected to CWP Programs and Community

Will You Be the Next Caregiver That We Help?

Are you looking for help and solutions in your caregiving and life?

Be one of the first 10 to join the full program and get a total of $636 in bonuses along with 18 classes and the pdf Guidebook in the Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals Caregivers Program.

Join the Mastering Caregiving: Fundamentals for Caregivers Program now.


9 Week Program with

1 Orientation Class

+ 9 Live Training Classes and Recordings

+ PDF Guidebook

+ 9 Live Support Classes

+ 6-Month CWP Gold Membership

+ 1-Hour Caregiver Strategy Session

+ 1st 10 Will Get Echoes of the Heart Album: A Sacred Journey Download

  Only $299

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