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That’s why we’ve added the “Empowered Caregiver Coaching Program TM” to our resources at Caregiving With Purpose. It starts with “Fundamentals and Foundations”, which gives you the tools, information and support you need to help you naturally and easily take on caregiving without losing yourself, your health, your finances or your family.


What Will You Learn In the Fundamentals and Foundations Program?


In Week 1 “The Foundations of Empowerment” you’ll…

    • Understand what core beliefs are, and what yours are…
    • Discover how they impact your life, from a stepwise progression from forming your thoughts to taking actions…
    • Find out how you give power to words to shape your future, and…
    • Learn how you can make conscious choices to transform even a burden into a blessing.

Next you’ll move into Week 2: “Balancing Life and Caregiving.” where you’ll…

    • Delve into the universal “Law of Balance.”
    • Discover why a Life in Balance is more effective, happier and easier.
    • Learn how to use the highly effective tool “The Wheel of Caregiving TM ” to guide you into bringing your life into balance, and to keep it there.

The first two weeks prepare you for Week 3: “Transforming a Burden Into a Blessing.” Here you’ll…

    • Find out how shifting your emotions leads to changes in your thoughts which in turn lead to changes in your feelings and give meaning to your caregiving and life…
    • Discover the power in choosing to change negative emotions into positive, and how what may seem impossible now naturally becomes reality.

The fundamentals and foundations you’ve learned in the first 3 lessons you’ll apply in Week 4: “Understanding and Transforming Stress.” In this lesson, you’ll —

    • Discover the true nature of stress, and learn why managing it doesn’t work as well as transforming it…
    • Find out how you can control your reaction to any situation, and how to choose your response…
    • Learn methods that work—and get help in choosing the ones that work best for you, and…
    • Understand how transforming rather than managing stress makes a powerful difference in your caregiving and your life.

Then in Week 5 you’ll move into “Activities Building Bridges.” You’ll…

    • Discover how activities and projects can reduce your stress…
    • Get suggestions for specific activities you can do with your carereceiver. This encourages your carereceiver’s sense of accomplishment and self-worth…
    • See how to make pleasant memories and how living in the moment helps you, your family and your carereceiver.
    • Be introduced to the powerful tool “A HEART PLAN,” which can help you to choose activities, and see how to use it in other caregiving situations and in life.

The program concludes with Week 6: “Transforming Grief and the Stages of Life.” While it can be a difficult subject to approach, dying is a part of life. And knowing what to expect helps you make better decisions and understand your options. You’ll

    • Learn about end of life care and programs like hospice…
    • Find out about early planning and funeral arrangements…
    • Discover why it’s important to continue care through the dying process, and how you can continue to show love and concern to someone who no longer responds.


What Do You Get in the Fundamentals and Foundations Program?

In “Fundamentals and Foundations” you’ll learn the fundamentals of caregiving AND caring for yourself. You’ll receive simple and effective tools to help you understand and apply what you learn.

  • Each week there are two 60-minute classes with Dr. Ina and Dave; that week’s training class and a support class.The training class walks you step-by-step through the materials for that week. We show you how to use the tools provided, so you can start using them right away. In the support class you can ask questions and get additional support for the materials and assignments. Here you’ll get feedback on your progress, and be able to give feedback to make this the best experience for you.
  • You’ll also receive a lesson plan each week with “no fail” action steps.
  • All calls are recorded in case you miss one or want to listen again.
  • In addition you’ll have access to the resources of the CWP Membership area for additional help and support.

Classes begin on Tuesday January 20, 2015 at 8PM EDT.

Class size is limited to 20 people.


What Bonuses Are Included in the Fundamentals and Foundations Program?

Bonus #1

You’ll also be enrolled for 6 months in the CWP Gold membership, which includes the weekly 60-minute group coaching call with me. Here you’ll get additional support and encouragement from me and from other caregivers who have gone through the challenges you face. That’s an additional $120 value. 

Bonus #2

In addition, when you enroll today you’ll also receive a One-on-one Caregiver Strategy Session with Dave and Dr. Ina. Here you can confidentially discuss your caregiving, and leave with a customized plan just for you. This is also an additional $120 value.


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While no one can predict exactly what’s going to happen, there are stages of caregiving that correspond to the stages of diseases and conditions.

When you understand what’s happening and why, it can move you from feeling like the victim of circumstances to someone who’s making a positive difference for everyone.

Caregivers often feel isolated and forgotten. Knowing where you can find help also can facilitate you finding peace of mind. Joining the CWP community connects you with instructors and other caregivers who are going through and have solved caregiving challenges.

And it’s amazing how often finding the support you need lets you get that elusive good night’s sleep. So you’ll awaken refreshed and energetic, greeting the day with enthusiasm.


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