In the center of the Caregiver’s Heart Wheel isA HEART PLAN.”

“A HEART PLAN” connects each step in your journey, and works throughout your caregiving journey.

It takes a special heart to be a caregiver, and a special plan to enable youo to embrace the everyday challenges in caregiving.

“A HEART PLAN” is a system gently and lovingly empowering you to walk through the stages of caregiving. It not only helps you deal with the everyday stresses you face, it is also a plan that makes sense.


A – Accepting

H – Healthy Humor Helps
E – Eliminate negativity
A – Avoiding isolation
R – Reducing stress
T – Thanksgiving

P – Purpose
L – Love and forgive
A – Advocate
N – Nurturing

It’s your road map to help you find your way to more than survive ~ to thrive!

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