Caregiver’s Heart Podcast Episode #12: Reducing Caregiver Stress Through Love and Forgiveness

L in “A HEART PLAN” is for Loving and Forgiving.

Loving and forgiving can help you continue with caregiving when you’re discouraged, stressed or exhausted.  They are powerful tools in fighting caregiver stress.

They are what got me through my first Christmas as a doctor.  One of my young patients died a few days before Christmas. 

There was nothing we could do to prevent or stop it.  And yet, I felt like a failure.  It was only through the kind outreach of colleagues and family that I found the strength to forgive myself, and to continue to love my work.


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In caregiving, there are many opportunities for loving and forgiving—to your care recipient(s) and to yourself.  Take as many as you can.

Wondering why?

  • Because when the caregiving ends, whether your care recipient moves on or you stop being a caregiver you’ll know you gave love, hope and forgiveness.
  • Because love and forgiveness are SO powerful, they may indeed be the two most powerful tools you have as a caregiver.  To keep on doing your best under adverse conditions, and to share your gifts with the world.
  • Because there is so much negativity in illness and disease, that bringing love and forgiveness also bring hope and light in the darkness of despair.

Sometimes as a caregiver you feel all you can do is gently touch or give a kind word.  And it is more than enough.


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From my heart to yours… Laugh Well, Love Well and Live Well!

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