Caregiver’s Heart Episode 2: How Does Caregiver Stress Affect the Beginning Caregiver?

Caregiver stress can start anytime you’re a caregiver.

It can even start before you think of yourself as a caregiver… whether or not you are one.

Karen hoped she was a good daughter.

She worried about her parents, checking on them by phone a couple of times a week.  Living 400 miles away meant she could not visit as often as she liked. Still, she managed to keep in touch with them and their neighbors to be sure they were okay. 

Until one night when she got “The Call.”  Her Dad was in the emergency room with a heart attack.  And her mother was distraught.  Karen put her own life aside as she made arrangements to get “home” as soon as possible…

Karen’s story is not unique.  The stresses and worries of caregiving are often so prevalent, it’s hard to consider giving care without them.

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How can caregiver stress appear?

  • Insidiously will small concerns or worries.  Left unchecked they can pile up into many worries or can become much larger.  Due to their stealth and chronic nature, they can lead to chronic stress and even illness.
  • Dramatically, often suddenly during a crisis.  “The Call” to become a caregiver often accompanies or follows shortly thereafter. 
  • Some way in between or a combination of the above.

Ccaregiver stress in the beginning caregiver is the topic of Episode 2 of Caregiver’s Heart podcast…

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