2 comments on “How Can Caregiver Stress Affect My Health?

  1. Thanks, Dr. Gilmore, for these suggestions. One of the books I reviewed recently, by a pancreatic cancer survivor, talks about his insight that, despite his battle against a life-threatening disease, he had to make sure his caregiver, in this case, his wife, had to be taken care of too. I’m linking that post to this one to give readers your practical suggestions.

  2. Ina Gilmore on Sep 1, 2012 10:31 pm |

    Hi Carol. What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it.

    Too often the caregiver gets lost in giving care. And the care recipient often is in a survival mode that focuses on their illness – and healing, so cannot help the caregiver. The result can be isolation leading to increased caregiver stress. A HEART PLAN Audio Package has helped both caregivers and care recipients recognize and reduce stress and negativity.