7 comments on “How easy is it to make yogurt without a yogurt maker?

  1. Another good reason to avoid adding powdered milk is that is contains oxidized cholesterol, which is very unhealthy.

    This oxidation comes from the spray drying of milk when it is forced through a very tiny hole at high temperature and pressure to make powdered milk. Note that powdered milk is added to 1% and 2% milk to give it body also. So if you are not using whole milk, you are not avoiding this issue.

    The best milk is raw milk. The pasteurization and homogenization processes are very harmful, and ultra-pasteurized is even worse. If you heat the raw milk yourself to make yogurt you are doing much less damage than the commercial processes. Even better is kefir, where the milk does not have to be heated at all. Store bought kefir has the same problem as yogurt – too many inappropriate ingredients.

  2. Thanks for commenting! Interesting points about dry milk and processed milk.

    While raw milk may be healthiest from an oxidative standpoint — assuming it comes from clean pasture-fed cows or goats, knowing the source of your raw foods is important when you’re cooking for someone who may have an immune system that’s not optimal.

    Who? Well the very elderly and some illnesses and medical conditions can cause compromised immune systems. Checking with the medical doctor of the person you’re caring for is wise before feeding raw milk or other raw foods.

    A source of safe raw milk is not available everywhere. In the U.S. it often isn’t available due to local and state laws. Sometimes it’s a matter of making more healthy choices, even in what may seem like small steps.

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