Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias

Climbing Mt Everest for Alzheimer’s Disease

Kuntal Joisher starts a climb up Mt. Everest today to support dementia research and care. His story inspired a company to do more…

What Can You Learn About Alzheimer’s Disease From the Senate Testimony of Seth Rogen?

Alzheimer’s activist Seth Rogen testified before the U.S. Senate about Alzheimer’s, later commenting on the empty chairs in the front of the room…


Beginning Caregiving

When Caring for Elderly Parents What Makes Your Home More Accessible?

Caring for elderly parents can include making your home more accessible. Here are some suggestions for small projects.

Adding Fun to Celebrating National Family Caregiver Month?

A light hearted look at caregivers made for National Family Caregiver Month, and suggestions on celebrating it…

Beginning Caregiving

Giving Care

What If the Price of the Health Care Reform Act is Higher Than You Think?

The high cost of health care reform involves more than money. Its impact on patients when losing their doctors is a problem not clearly or easily addressed.

Fall 2013 Guide to Affordable Health Care Act for Caregivers and Other Busy People

Looking for answers to how AHCA works and what to do about it? You’re not alone. Common questions caregivers ask with resources for the answers are found here.

Update on Affordable Health Care Act: New Problem For Family Caregivers?

Update on the Affordable Health Care Act new provision prohibiting legal guardians from being paid caregivers for developmentally disabled adults…

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Caring for the Caregiver

Why Do Sleep Disruptions Increase Caregiver Stress?

Caregiver stress can be increased by sleep disturbances and the why can help you find easy solutions to both improving your sleep and reducing stress.

Your Caregiver Stress Guide

Your Caregiver Stress Guide explains what caregiver stress is, risk factors and information on eliminating it.

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Crafts for Caregiving

How Can a Quilt Help Me Deal With Caregiver Stress?

Caregiver stress can be overwhelming. Crafts including quilting and knitting can help reduce your caregiver stress. Crafts can help you relax and reduce stress in other ways.

How Does Your Knitting Yarn Stash Grow?

Knitting yarn stashes can hold surprising skeins of yarn the knitter has forgotten. And sometimes they seem to grow on their own.

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End of Life Care

Does Grief Increase Your Holiday and Caregiver Stress?

Grieving can be a source of increased caregiver stress during the holidays, whether for those who are ill or passed on or just because they are no longer here. Solutions…

What Do Inspirational Quotations Have to Do With Butterflies and Lantana Bushes?

Lantana bushes attract butterflies, an inspirational insect. And they along with inspirational quotations can help you see a different point of view when you’re dealing with grief and other difficulties.

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Living Beyond (After) Caregiving

Why Should Your Caregiving Support Include an Exit Strategy?

Caregiving support should include a plan for after the caregiving ends.

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